About Us


The Vision is to reach out to the world and showcase the hard work done by artisans in producing exquisite handcrafted products in Brass, Bronze, Wood, Stone, Art plates, Thanjavur paintings, Pith models, Papier mache, Terracotta etc., The mission objectives of Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited are as follows:-


  • To uplift the livelihood and living standard of artisans in Tamil Nadu.
  • To upgrade the skills of artisans by imparting appropriate training.
  • To improve the productivity of artisans.
  • To improve the quality of handicrafts produced.
  • To minimize the drudgery involved in the production process.
  • To minimize / eliminate occupational hazards.
  • To encourage innovation in design.
  • To provide socio-economic security for craftsmen.
  • To document and record the details of the handicrafts that are produced in the State.
  • To provide marketing services to the artisans of Tamil Nadu.
  • To recognize their dedication and perseverance in handicrafts.