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Standing Parvathi with Square Base

M.R.P Price : 32,901

Our Price : 26,321

Discount : 20 %

Product Code : THDC978829

L x W x H | Weight : 4 x 4 x 12 INCH | Kg

Color : --- Bronze

Material : Bronze

Composition : Copper,Lead,Tin,Zinc

Product Description : Parvathi isWife of Shiva, queen of paraloka, Behind the exterior of otherworldly beauty, She is made of equal parts compassion and equal parts invincibility. The standing idol of Her that you see on this page has been handpicked for a form and stance conveyed superbly in the medium of the panchaloha (mix of five iron-based alloys), unique to the South in general and Swamimalai in particular. This standing Sivagami is a fine contemporary reproduction of the traditional South Indian bronze. Tall crown that sets off a handsome facial set; long, slender body punctuated with the curves of fecundity. She raises an arm to Her chest, as if holding a lotus betwixt those delicately shaped fingers, the unmistakable mudra of the hands of Uma.

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