About Poompuhar

Poompuhar, the well acknowledged brand name of The Tamilnadu Handicrafts Development Corporation (THDC) has been serving the native arts and craftsmen of the Tamil Nadu since its inception in July 1973.Poompuhar is a unique handicrafts store because of the efforts it’s taken to expand the business and since it plays a significant role in the Indian handicrafts industry. We have about 15 sales showrooms + Vandalur, Chennai Airport , Chennai Museum & IIT- Madars (Franchising), 7 production units and provide lively hood of about 70,000 plus artisans family.

Our products are authentic, affordable and attractive. These are carefully handcrafted, designed and marketed for the customer.The collections include a lot of designs and statues made from a variety of materials like Bronze, Brass, Copper, Tanjore paintings, White Metal, Black Metal, Wood Carvings, Stone Carvings, Cloth, Leather, Jute and Clay, Swamimalai Bronze Icons, Kondapalli toys, Meenakari, Kalamkari Purse, Garlands, Thanjavur Art Plate as well..