Message from our CMD

Tmt V.Shobhana, IAS.,

My Dear Netisan (Friend of the Artisan's),

I have to thank all our valuable customers, art lovers, highly skilled artisans, world-class suppliers, Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu for all the assistance and co-operation extended to Poompuhar over the years. Besides, I would like to make a special mention about whole-hearted contribution of offcials and personnel of Poompuhar in establishing and promoting the organization. For many years we have witnessed consistent growth, achieved long-term success as well as faced challenging times.

Handmade items have aesthetic and higher perceived value and feeling. We create an emotional connection to artisan items, as were the creative result of an artist who touched and shaped the pieces.

This increased value and emotional connection with handmade items extend to the workplace. Incorporating handcrafted items into a workplace helps define a space and express culture. Today, the craft is bringing inspiration back to the office, institutions and houses etc. Let’s take time to appreciate the fine, hand-crafted elements that inspire us. Let’s bring craft and creativity back to the global environment.

This organisation worked hard to help the poor artisans to preserve the Tamil Nadu handicrafts traditional methods worldwide. Government of India has sanctioned many promotional activities for this organisation and artisans to market their products globally, and Government of Tamil Nadu has funded for the promotion of artefacts by employing latest technology which will help the customer to identify their requirements.

We take pride on being the customers’ first choice, which is also our mission. When it comes to ethics and integrity there can be no compromises. We will continue our endless effort to serve our valuable customers.

I would like to thank again all those who have contributed with relentless hard work and efforts of the past to bring us here today and will continue to grow and serve the artisans’ fraternity in the years to come.

With warm regards,

Tmt V.Shobhana, IAS.,
Managing Director,
Tamilnadu handicrafts development corporation limited