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Dancing Dolphin

M.R.P Price : 4,113

Product Code : THDC41119

L x W x H | Weight : 20 x 10 x 20 INCH | 500 g

Color : --- Gold

Material : Brass

Composition : Brass

Product Description :As @Sjoerd and @zerkms correctly point out, you do not need to do this - a blob column is be used to store raw binary data, so you can bypass the Base64 process and insert the raw data of the file. If you want to store images in a database (which, by the way, I personally don't like to do) it is better to store the raw data - Base64 encoding the data makes it larger, and means that it must be decoded before the image is rendered, which adds processing overhead. This is how you can insert the raw binary data (assuming the MySQL extension):

Availibility : 10 In stock