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Bronze Harihara sivagami sridevi

M.R.P Price : 10,79,568

Product Code : THDC978151

L x W x H | Weight : 37 x 15 x 54 INCH | 100 Kg

Color : --- Bronze

Material : Bronze

Composition : Copper, Zinc, Led, Tin,Gold

Product Description : Harihara is the fused representation of Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara) from the Hindu tradition. Also known as Shankaranarayana ("Shankara" is Shiva, and "Narayana" is Vishnu), Harihara is thus revered by both Vaishnaves(those who are devotees of Lord Vishnu) and Shiv Bhakts as a form of the Supreme God.

Availibility : 1 In stock